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FIRECYCLE is a non-traditional indoor spin studio. We break the stigma of what it means to cycle. How? We believe in working out for results. FireCycle combines an intense cardiovascular sweat, strategic bike movements, and full body toning – all while allowing yourself to be fully immersed in the music. No matter which class you choose, our rides allow you to reboot your mind, challenge your body, and feed your soul.


Fiery. From the minute you clip into the bike, it’s all about you. Music is at our core. We believe in its power to transform your workout and keep you motivated. We dim the lights, pump the music, and create an unforgettable experience. Succumb to the rhythm. Own your bike. Feel the heat.


Because we love ourselves from the inside out and you should too. We get FiredUp to get stronger, to have fun, and to become the best version of ourselves. Be a part of something. Be a part of the FireSquad.


Sweaty. Emerge from the Inferno – our studio – feeling energized and proud. You’ve just broken down your barriers and crushed your goals. Congratulations! It’s not unusual to leave FireCycle feeling like you could conquer the world.

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